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Reel House Productions Australia is a joint venture of Melbourne and US based film makers.  The group includes seasoned film professionals with decades of experience in acting, directing, producing, script writing and film finance.

Our Focus

Our company has a strong focus on acquisition and development work.  Our goal is to build a slate of quality projects and finding the right production partners to help bring those projects to market. 

We aspire to produce up to 6 small budget (sub $2m) films each year.  We see our key point of innovation being our ability to make the low-budget system repeatable across genres; not only horror productions, but also action, thriller, and documentaries.

Film Set

Genre Be Good

Genre films allows us to present compelling stories naturally limited to minimal locations, characters and lower production costs.

A key competitive advantage we enjoy is experience and understanding of how to find and develop quality genre projects.  Such genre films are well-positioned to connect with a global audience. Our analysis reveals that genre pictures translates better in foreign markets and present a greater opportunity for success.


The World is Our Stage

The online streaming market alone is set to grow to over US$70bn by 2021. This has created enormous unmet demand for low-cost content that the plethora of steaming services need to maintain their diverse offering to subscribers.


Companies like ours who can bring quality, low-cost and compelling content that has been professionally developed and is ready to shoot, stand to benefit.

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